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Hello, and welcome to the Smash Group's third main tourney on 3DS! Due to complications that occurred in the last tournament, only the 3DS version will be played. Wii U tournament: http://smashgroup.challonge.com/tournament3wiiu


  • Rd0Lg vs. T-Raz (3DS) --- May 23rd


Double Elimination Bracket. Lose once, you're in Loser's Bracket. Lose again, and you're out of the tourney.

Sets are played best 2-out-of-3, with Winners Final, Losers Final and Grand Final being played in best-3-out-of-5 sets.

Matches are played 1-on-1, 3-stock, 8 minute time limit and no items.

Custom movesets are allowed. Equipment is banned.

You MUST let your opponent know your moveset before the start of a match.



  • Battlefield
  • Yoshi's Story
  • Final Destination
  • Prism Tower
  • Omega Green Hill Zone
The first stage will be chosen through striking. Each player takes turns eliminating stages on the stage list that they don't want to play on. The order goes like this:
  1. Player A strikes 1 stage.
  2. Player B strikes 2 stages.
  3. Player A strikes 1 stage.

This way, you reach your first stage through eliminating the rest.

Loser's Pick ---The winner of the previous match gets to strike two stages from the stage list. The loser of the previous match then chooses a stage from the stage list.

Gentleman's Clause --- This rule allows players to play on any stage, regardless of any other stage rules, if both players agree on the stage.

Dave's Stupid Rule --- This rule prevents players from picking a stage that they've already won on during this set, unless overruled by Gentleman's Clause.


This tournament is enforced by deadlines, to make sure the tournament doesn't take too long. You have one week to play your set from when the set could have been played. If a set fails to meet a deadline, the player that was last active in the chat wins by default.

April 18th
Player A vs. Player B
Player C vs. Player D
Both sets have a one week deadline. [April 25th]

Player A beats Player B. Player A moves on, Player B falls to Losers.
Player D beats Player C five days after Players A and B played their set. Player D moves on, Player C falls to Losers.

April 23rd

Player A vs. Player D (Winners)
Player B vs. Player C (Losers)

Both sets have a one week deadline. [April 30th]

Alright, that's it. Follow the rules, play your best and try to have fun!


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Yüce Kazanan: link14
Yaraşır Düşman: Sydän
Belki Daha Sonra: Zart

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